Podcast: Decoding Virtual Clinical Trials and Simulation-Guided Procedures

Yiannis Chatzizsis, M.D., Ph.D., with Miller School Dean Henri Ford, M.D., Ph.D., on the podcast set.

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Yiannis Chatzizisis, M.D., Ph.D., talks with Miller School Dean Henri Ford, M.D., M.H.A., about technology’s impact on cardiovascular medicine.

Yiannis Chatzizisis, M.D., Ph.D., an internationally recognized interventional and imaging cardiologist, was at a crossroads.

Two of his patients presented with significant blockages in their left main coronary artery, the heart’s biggest artery. Dr. Chatzizisis could opt for a conventional stenting approach. Or he could leverage computational technology to assess near-infinite scenarios and obtain detailed insights into stent performance and technique optimization, all before deployment.

“Stents tend to fail. Up to 30% of patients who get stents come back with the need for a new stent and some of the patients ultimately die as a result,” said Dr. Chatzizisis, chief of the Cardiovascular Division at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. “Why? We need to do a better job, and to do a better job, we need to plan. And the best way to plan is to use digital technology and AI to accelerate this approach.”

Dr. Yiannis Chatzizisis looks at a computer monitor outside the operating room.
Dr. Yiannis Chatzizisis believes digital technology can improve the success of stent procedures.

Dr. Chatzizisis is featured on the latest “Inside U Miami Medicine” episode, where he discusses how he and his team performed the world’s first simulation-guided left main stenting procedure using artificial intelligence, computational simulations and extended reality. A pioneer in the field, Dr. Chatzizisis also utilizes these technologies to advance “virtual clinical trials” and test the efficacy and safety of new drugs, medical devices or procedures using simulations.

“Seeing is believing,” he said. “This is changing the landscape, in my humble opinion, of how we practice medicine.”

Tune in to learn how his two patients fared with their “computational stenting” devices and the role these technologies will play in the future of cardiovascular care.

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