Cancer Survivorship Symposium Makes Dynamic Return

The second annual Cancer Survivorship Symposium will feature novel discoveries and a new session tailored for cancer survivors and caregivers.

Excellence in cancer survivorship will be on display as Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center will host the second annual Cancer Survivorship Symposium.

Frank Penedo, Ph.D., says this year’s survivorship symposium will showcase Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center’s transformative work.

This year’s event will take place Oct. 20 at The Ritz-Carlton in Coconut Grove, Miami, and follows the success of the 2022 inaugural symposium, which drew more than 160 attendees.

The program will include informative sessions, exhibits and a keynote address to be given by Andrea Cheville, M.D., M.Sc., professor and medical director at the Mayo Clinic.

The symposium will feature leading researchers from Sylvester covering new and relevant topics centered on cancer survivorship. All University of Miami personnel are welcome to attend, as are those outside the University.

“Following a very successful inaugural symposium last year, the presentations will cover novel topics being addressed via innovative and transformative work being conducted at Sylvester,” said Frank J. Penedo, Ph.D., associate director for Cancer Survivorship and Translational Behavioral Sciences at Sylvester.

Preview of Cancer Research 

Symposium attendees will experience new and relevant topics from researchers leading novel discoveries at Sylvester. Topics of note during the scientific sessions will include common themes that impact cancer survivors, with the morning presentations covering the burden and pain management that accompany cancer.

The afternoon speakers will dive into caregiving and lifespan issues, with the final topics covering sexual health in cancer survivorship and how it affects both male and female patients.

The Cancer Survivorship Symposium provides the opportunity for providers and researchers to learn about issues that impact patient quality of life and health outcomes.

“These research sessions will provide an opportunity to learn about multiple topics that are critical to the quality of life and other health outcomes of our cancer survivors,” said Dr. Penedo. “Topics span experiences ranging from issues faced by adolescent and young adult survivors to managing symptom burden associated with novel therapies such as immunotherapy. The multidisciplinary approach and attention to specific needs of our survivors, who present critical challenges to overall adjustment to the survivorship experience, will be covered.”

Supportive Care at the Forefront

As cancer information isn’t just for providers and the care team, Sylvester has added a new session on supportive care for cancer survivors. This free session will cover timely topics relevant to patient wellness.

The opening session will address the hard truths of what it means to have cancer, along with resources and an interactive Q&A panel. Lectures will also cover Sylvester’s supportive care programs and the benefits music, massage and art therapy bring.

Discussions centered on cancer lifestyle and modifications, along with a panel offering different perspectives on the cancer care journey will conclude the supportive care sessions.

“Based on feedback received at our inaugural meeting last year, we have added a parallel session that is specifically tailored to our patients, caregivers, stakeholders and community organizations that serve cancer survivors,” Dr. Penedo said. “The sessions will cover the multitude of supportive care services that are evidence-based and offered at Sylvester, while also addressing how to manage the challenges of cancer treatment and survivorship,”

For more information and to register for the event, visit the Cancer Survivorship Symposium website.

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