Matching Internal Interests in Medicine

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Monica and Esmerelda Segura holding an "MD 2B" sign
Monica and Esmeralda Segura

When Esmeralda Segura crosses the stage at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Class of 2024 commencement ceremony, she follows in the footsteps of her older sister, Monica, who started her residency in internal medicine the same year Segura began medical school.

Now, Segura is wrapping up her final semester and is looking forward to Match Day, where she will learn the location of her internal medicine residency. For Segura, this decision was a natural culmination of the values instilled in her from an early age.

“My parents taught my sister and I the value of having a work ethic and how important it is to chase your dreams,” Segura said. “Nothing is too big to achieve. At first, our family had no one in the medical field, and now we have two doctors.”

Born in California and of Colombian and Guatemalan descent, Segura relocated to Florida with her family when she was in fifth grade. Her passion for biomedical sciences began at a young age and blossomed at the University of South Florida, where she pursued a pre-med track.

“I thought it was challenging, but also a good career path that dealt with advocacy and helping others, especially patients in vulnerable positions,” Segura said. “Medicine tied together many of the passions I already had and amplified them.”

At USF, Segura joined the Judeo Christian Health Clinic as a medical interpreter and eventually mentored future trainees. The experience played a pivotal role in solidifying her burgeoning interest in the field of medicine.

“This was an amazing opportunity. I got to act as the doctor by translating from the physician to the patient in Spanish,” Segura said. “You have an opportunity and responsibility to portray the emotions seamlessly. It’s so important in health care when somebody understands your primary language.”

Care in the Community

After acceptance to the Miller School of Medicine, Esmeralda immersed herself in extracurricular activities to complement the school’s NextGenMD curriculum.

Esmeralda Segura in her white Miller School of Medicine coat
Esmeralda Segura complemented her medical training by working at San Juan Bosco Clinic and the Mitchell Wolfson Sr. Department of Community Service.

In her first year, she became a project manager at the student-run San Juan Bosco Clinic and later clinic co-director of the clinic, which serves a predominantly Hispanic population. She’s now executive director at the Mitchell Wolfson Sr. Department of Community Service, where she oversees numerous health fairs and clinics and leads a team of 200 student volunteers.

“It has been amazing,” she said, reflecting on her four years of medical school. “I was able to engage in outreach and research on stroke awareness efforts through my neuroscience scholarly pathway while increasing access and equity for care in South Florida.”

Internal and Family Focus

As Segura anticipates Match Day, her career aspirations have crystallized around internal medicine. It’s a path she initially avoided, not wanting to mimic her sister.

“I deliberately explored various specialties like surgery or OB-GYN during my clerkships and rotations, attempting to diversify my experiences,” Segura shared. “Yet, as I reflected on what it truly means to be a doctor, internal medicine consistently emerged in my thoughts. At its essence, this specialty aligns with my belief in advocacy and that resonates deeply with me.”

On Match Day, Segura will celebrate with her sister and parents. Their family bond was further fortified when they all lived together during the pandemic.

“My sister paved the way and demonstrated that I, too, could thrive in the field of medicine,” Segura expressed gratefully. “Approaching Match Day, I reflect on the unwavering support of my family throughout medical school and into this next chapter of my journey.”

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