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Miller School Students and Faculty Present Medical Education Initiatives

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine students and faculty presented medical education initiatives and innovations at the Association of American Medical Colleges’ Learn Serve Lead 2017 annual meeting in Boston.

Lauren Tholemeier explains her poster to an annual meeting attendee.

Guided by Organization of Student Representatives leaders Andrew Stine-Rowe, MS2 M.D./M.P.H., Lauren Tholemeier, MS3 M.D., Peter Sawyer, MS4 M.D., and Roberta Lagrandeur (MS4 M.D.), the Miller School team presented 12 posters about projects spanning a wide spectrum of areas of interest from classroom peer-teaching to research initiatives in community-based health care and interprofessional education.

For several years, the Miller School has excelled in its representation at the annual AAMC event, comprising a large percentage of the national submissions accepted for presentation.

“The depth and breadth of our student involvement in this vast array of projects and experience is an outstanding example of our medical students’ commitment to leadership, scholarship, and service,” said Alex J. Mechaber, M.D., Bernard J. Fogel Chair in Medical Education, Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education and professor of medicine. “We could not be more proud of their accomplishments.”

Here is a complete listing of the presented work:

“Development and Assessment of a Patient Navigation Initiative to Improve Follow-Up for Patients After Screening at a Student-Run Health Fair” – Kelsey Franklin, Madhu Parmar, Leah Hellerstein, Taylor Wurdeman, Jennifer Rodriguez, and Amar Deshpande, M.D.

“Using Patient Surveys to Improve Advertising for Student-Run Community Health Fairs” – Andrew Stine-Rowe, Vedant Acharya, Sandy Ren, Brandon Burroway, Vinayak Madhusoodanan, Jennifer Rodriguez, Nikesh Doshi, Stephanie Ioannou, and Amar Desphande, M.D.

“Low-Cost Electronic Medical Record for Community-Based Healthcare Screening” – Christopher Emerson, Amir Patel, Karam Alawa, Jonathan Katz, M.D., and Amar Desphande, M.D.

“Interprofessional Education Experiences and Service Learning through the Department of Community Service at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine” – Paden Wallace, D.P.T., Kristilyn Jeffries, S.P.T., Elaina Mezzasalma, S.P.T., Lauren Summerton, D.P.T., Miki Yoshumura-Rank, D.P.T., Shawn Hunt, PT, Ph.D., Neva Kirk-Sanchez, PT, Ph.D., Amar Desphande, M.D., Teresa Glynn, D.P.T, M.B.A., David Mandel, PT, Ph.D, Bryon Smith, PT, D.P.T., Christopher Vitolo, PT, D.P.T., and Greg Hartley, PT, D.P.T.

“Simulation-based Medical Education in Graduate Medical Education Training and Assessment Programs” – Khushali Shah.

Andrew Stine-Rowe discusses his poster with an annual meeting attendee.

“Continuous Improvement Post-LCME Site Visit: An Example of OSR Involvement in Medical Education Projects” – Lauren Tholemeier, Peter Sawyer, Sarah King, M.D., Roberta Lagrandeur, Andrew Stine-Rowe, Chris Alabiad, M.D., Hilit Mechaber, M.D., Alex Mechaber, M.D., and Ana Campo, M.D.

“The Wellness Advisory Council: A Student-Led Wellness Initiative” – Andrew Stine-Rowe, Camille Scott, Meghan Janette, Matt Phillips, Linda Oyesiku, Lindsey Finch, Lauren Tholemeier, Peter Sawyer, Roberta Lagrandeur, Sarah King, M.D., Chris Alabiad, M.D., Ana Campo, M.D., Alex Mechaber, M.D., and Hilit Mechaber, M.D.

“Preserving Empathy During Third-Year Clinical Rotations: UMMSM Debrief Groups” – Erica Graff, Jennifer Rodriguez, Laura Bloom, Madhuri Nagaraj, M.D., Jeffrey Brosco, M.D., Ph.D., Kenneth Goodman, Ph.D., and Hilit Mechaber, M.D.

“Evaluation of the Impact of a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Ally Training Program” – Daniela Diego and Austin Kollefrath.

“Near-Peer Academic Services (NPAS): Using Models of Peer-Assisted Learning in Medical Education to Design and Implement a Near-Peer Academic Support Program for First-Year M.D.-M.P.H. Students” – Jason Onugha, Jasmine Lawrence, Ryan Azarrafiy, Alberto Caban-Martinez, D.O., Ph.D., M.P.H., Roderick King, M.D., M.P.H., Hilit Mechaber, M.D., and Adrian Reynolds, Ph.D.

“Medical Students as Teachers (MSAT): Facilitating the Development of Self-Regulated, Active Learning Among First-Year Medical Students” – Vedant Acharya, Christian Gonzalez, Mathew Mizrahi, Stefanie Pena, Priyanka Reddy, Elizabeth Akinsoji, Erik Dove, Carissa Patete Kasra Sarhadi, Hilit Mechaber, M.D., and Adrian Reynolds, Ph.D.

“Student-to Student Training Increases Awareness of and Shifts Attitudes Regarding Reproductive Health,” Daniela Diego, Sean Oldak, Jessica Brosch, Leah Hellerstein, Adriana Wong, and Christine Curry, M.D.

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