Podcast: Curing Hepatitis C (Part 2 of the Dr. Raymond Schinazi Story)

Dr. Raymond Schinazi standing in front of a vivid painting on a hospital floor named after him.

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Dr. Schinazi describes the determination he needed to realize the cure for Hepatitis C.

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Research requires grit. Raymond Schinazi, Ph.D., a world-renowned scientist whose discoveries have saved countless lives, understands this keenly.

“I have file cabinets full of rejections.”

In the second part of our Inside U Miami Medicine episode with Dr. Schinazi, we explore his journey to developing a life-saving cure for Hepatitis C. Despite being denied funding from the NIH, Dr. Schinazi founded a biotechnology company dedicated to developing novel antiviral therapies. It was here that he set his sights on revolutionizing the treatment landscape for Hepatitis C. Their approach centered on the development of direct-acting antiviral drugs, a departure from conventional treatments that often yielded limited efficacy and severe side effects.

Dr. Raymond Schinazi with Dean Henri Ford, standing by a painting that says "Never Give Up"
Dean Ford and Dr. Schinazi talk about resilience in the face of research adversity.

The breakthrough came in the form of Sofosbuvir, a revolutionary medication that offered unprecedented levels of efficacy, safety and convenience for patients.

Yet, Dr. Schinazi’s journey is more than simply a scientific triumph. Despite the persecution he faced as a child, he returned to the country of his birth to help make the drug more accessible to the millions of Egyptians afflicted with Hepatitis C. Tune in to hear more about his journey.

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