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UHealth Collaborates with CLEAR to Improve Patient and Employee Experiences, Reduce Operational Costs

UHealth – University of Miami Health System and the Miller School of Medicine are collaborating with CLEAR (NYSE: YOU), the trusted secure identity company, to develop and roll out a series of integrations to improve patient and employee experiences.

Logo of CLEAR, a trusted secure identity company

In its first phase, UHealth will embed the Powered by CLEAR platform to allow patients to easily create and manage their mobile MyUHealthChart account, and to allow UHealth employees to easily create and manage their employee credentials. UHealth expects the Powered by CLEAR identity verification experience to save patients and employees time, reduce help desk calls and operational costs, improve security, lower fraud risk and drive consumer adoption and engagement across UHealth’s digital ecosystem.

UHealth patients and employees will be able to easily verify their identity for free with CLEAR using their government-issued ID and a selfie to conveniently access and manage their personal information. The Powered by CLEAR platform will provide a seamless and secure experience for returning users and eliminate the need for patients and employees to manually re-enter biographic data with each transaction. Powered by CLEAR will enable UHealth patients and employees to bypass the clunky and inefficient password reset process by instantly resetting their password with a selfie, directly within the UHealth app.

UHealth — which is the first hospital system in the state of Florida to leverage CLEAR technology — will continue to embed the Powered by CLEAR platform as its digital front door for patient account management and check-in.

“By aligning with CLEAR, we are able to streamline the patient experience by offering this innovative option that provides our patients a seamless and secure way of accessing their medical information,” said Dipen J. Parekh, M.D., chief operating officer of the University of Miami Health System.

“Technology has emerged as a driving force in improving overall efficiencies,” said David Reis, Ph.D., chief information officer of University of Miami Health System. “By collaborating with CLEAR, we can enhance the patient journey while also improving security in our digital spaces.”

“Identity is foundational to making experiences safer and easier, especially in health care. CLEAR is excited to deliver a more secure and seamless experience for UHealth patients and employees,” said Caryn Seidman-Becker, CEO of CLEAR. “As CLEAR works to replace the clipboard in health care, we’re proud to partner with UHealth.”

Powered by CLEAR enables frictionless confirmation of identity and credentials to make everyday experiences safer and easier — transforming the way people live, work and travel. Whether CLEAR’s 15 million members are networking online, visiting a doctor, checking into a hotel, renting a car or cheering on their favorite sports team, they can frictionlessly affirm their identity with CLEAR — for free — wherever life takes them. New users can simply enroll once to verify anywhere in the Powered by CLEAR network.

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