A Rising Star in Cytology

Microscope with a slide beneath the lens

Jaylou Velez Torres, M.D., clinical assistant professor in the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine’s Department of Pathology and Laboratory, was named as a rising star in cytology by the American Cancer Society journal Cancer Cytopathology.

The journal provides the cytopathology field’s latest advances to pathologists and scientist-physicians in related oncological disciplines.

Carmen Gomez-Fernandez, M.D., professor in the Miller School’s Division of Anatomic Pathology and vice chair of education and trainee mentoring for the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, nominated Dr. Velez Torres. Dr. Gomez-Fernandez recounted Dr. Velez Torres’ enthusiasm and dedication to pathology trainee education.

Dr. Jaylou M. Velez Torres
Dr. Jaylou Velez Torres

While Dr. Velez Torres devotes considerable time to head and neck pathology and bone and soft tissue pathology, recognition of her work in cytopathology is mounting with a recent, landmark publication refining the reporting systems for salivary gland and thyroid cytopathology. Dr. Velez Torres was also first author of an original article on how metric tools in thyroid cytology can offer valuable feedback to cytopathologists and laboratories. In addition, Drs. Velez Torres and Gomez-Fernandez led a short course in salivary gland cytopathology at the USCAP conference in March.

“It is always nice to have your efforts recognized by your colleagues,” Dr. Velez Torres. said. “For me, the study and practice of cytopathology, with special focus on the thyroid and salivary gland, will be my lifelong reward. It is exciting to learn, teach and advance this very patient-impactful discipline.”

Merce Jorda, M.D., Ph.D., professor and Joseph R. Coulter, Jr. Chair of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, joined Dr. Gomez-Fernandez in celebrating Dr. Velez Torres’ accomplishments.

“It has been so exciting to us to see her advance as a resident and fellow, and now as integral part of our junior faculty,” Dr. Jorda said. “She has come full circle, inspiring new pathology trainees and pushing the field of cytopathology forward with her novel ideas. We want to see what is next!”

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