UHealth Launches Convenient One-Stop Women’s Health and Wellness Program

South Florida women can benefit from a new one-stop Comprehensive Women’s Health Alliance offered by UHealth – University of Miami Health System, the first such fully coordinated program in the region. What makes UHealth’s Comprehensive Health Alliance unique in South Florida is its convenient, integrated approach with nurse coordinators who will help women assess their needs and coordinate care with UHealth’s high-quality physician providers based on the patient’s multiple medical needs. 

(From left), Morgan Shane, M.D., and Laura Martin, D.O.

Many women who are juggling personal, family, and career commitments find it difficult to take time for their own health care, said program director Morgan Allyn Sendzischew Shane, M.D., MSCTI, assistant professor of gastroenterology. “It is so important for women to be able to connect with physicians, therapists and other specialists in a streamlined and efficient manner. That’s why coordinated care through our program can make a huge difference in the lives of young, middle-age and older women.”

“This is a tremendous benefit for women who are balancing daily responsibilities,” added Laura Martin, D.O., a gynecologist with a sub-specialty in urogynecology and co-director of the new program. “Rather than spending hours online or on the phone making appointments with multiple physicians, our nurse coordinator helps busy women access preventive screenings, diagnostic assessments and referrals to specialists who understand women’s special health issues.” 

Guided by Nurse Coordinators

With UHealth’s Comprehensive Women’s Health Alliance, South Florida women can fill out an online questionnaire about their health issues and concerns, and then connect with a nurse navigator for a personal conversation. “This will be very helpful for women, particularly those with multiple health issues,” said Dr. Martin, whose urogynecology practice focuses on female pelvic medicine, including surgical treatments for urinary incontinence, fistulas, vaginal prolapse and other pelvic floor disorders. 

Along with access to gynecology and urogynecology services, the Comprehensive Women’s Health Alliance will include gastroenterology, breast health, bone health, behavioral health, dermatology care and nutrition services. The program’s nurse navigators will expedite referrals to other UHealth specialists as needed.

“Our innovative program will provide women of all ages with time-saving access to UHealth’s high-quality care,” said Roy E. Weiss, M.D., Ph.D., professor and chairman of the Department of Medicine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. “In keeping with our mission of bringing academic medical care to our community, we are committed to meeting women’s health needs through preventive and supportive care, as well as the latest in medical and surgical treatments.”

As a gastroenterology specialist focusing on motility disorders and women’s health, Dr. Shane helps women dealing with varied gastrointestinal and bowel disorders, which can be mislabeled because of a patient’s non-specific symptoms.

“Our first step is to obtain an accurate diagnosis,” she said. “Then, we take a holistic approach, providing medical and surgical treatments, addressing any enzyme deficiencies, and offering nutrition counseling and physical therapy.  Gaining greater control of one’s digestive system is a game changer for many women, who can feel more confident and comfortable about going out to restaurants, playing sports or enjoying time with their friends.”

Reflecting on the benefits of the UHealth Comprehensive Women’s Health Alliance, Dr. Shane said, “We offer you a coordinated platform for accessing excellent care and making sure that all your health needs are being met at any age.”

For more information on the UHealth Comprehensive Women’s Health Alliance, go to https://umiamihealth.org/wh

To make an appointment, call 855-34-WOMEN.

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